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Reiki Energy Work

Anne offers a full Reiki treatment followed by time for conversation and questions.  Often a person will find more benefit from having several sessions.  Sessions are 75 minutes.

What is Usui Reiki:  Usui Reiki is one of many healing techniques that makes use of the energy fields that surround us.  It is a holistic approach as opposed to reducing someone to a symptom.  It was brought to the West from Hawayo Takata in 1937.  She learned the healing art from studying in Japan with Dr. Usui Sensei.  Dr Usui Sensei learned this particular healing art while on a 21 day fast on Kurama in 1922.  Other forms of Reiki have existed prior to the Usui style.


How Reiki Works: The Reiki practitioner makes themselves receptive to the universal energy field through mediation or being in a relaxed state.  The practitioner then attunes to the client and using a light touch will send this calm energy through their hands to the client.   This can be done laying down or sitting.  The client remains fully clothed.  The client may feel warm, tingly or nothing but the energy is still flowing to them.  When a client receives the calming energy, they often come to a relaxed state.  In a relaxed state one's emotional, mental, spiritual and physical selves become receptive to one's innate abilities to heal.

Benefits of Reiki:  Reiki is a relaxing and soothing practice that can promote a sense of calm and ease in the body.  Reiki helps a person come into a more balanced state energetically, which allows for an openness to life and resiliency.  Reiki can help with emotional, mental, spiritual and physical imbalances.  


Imbalance: A person's energy can get out of balance for many reasons: childhood stress, everyday emotional, mental and physical challenges, inherited or ancestral traumas, and more.  Most people benefit from doing some type of energy balance work with a practitioner or on their own.  After a session Anne can help with ways to incorporate a daily energy practice into your life.

Energy Healing
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