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Reiki Energy Work

Welcome to Reiki!  I am excited to share the wonderful practice of Reiki  for overall well-being.  For over twenty years I enjoyed the benefits of energy healing from others.  In 2022 I felt drawn by curiosity to learn the ancient practice of energy healing. With training and encouragement from wonderful Reiki Masters I was certified as a master level Usui Reiki practitioner.  I study and incorporate other forms of energy healing that compliment the Usui method.


What is Usui Reiki:  Usui Reiki is one of many healing techniques that addresses our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual selves by way of  our subtle energetic bodies.  It is a holistic approach as opposed to reducing someone to a symptom. Everyone can benefit from a Reiki session! 

Why do we become imbalanced: A person's energy can become out of balance due to many reasons: childhood stress, everyday emotional, mental and physical challenges, inherited or ancestral traumas, and more. The imbalance can manifest into emotional, mental, physical and spiritual challenges, dis-comfort and dis-ease.


How Reiki Works: The practitioner uses a soft touch or hovers their hands over the body to send a calm and restorative energy to the client.   This can be done laying down, sitting or standing.  The client remains fully clothed.  Often a client may feel warmth, tingling and a calmness throughout their body. 

Benefits of Reiki:  Reiki is a relaxing and soothing practice that can promote a sense of calm and ease in the body.  Reiki helps a person come into a more balanced energetic state, which allows for an openness to healing.  Reiki can help with emotional, mental, spiritual and physical imbalances.  


Reiki treatments are followed by time for conversations to explore ways to incorporate a daily energy practice into your life. Often a person will find more benefit from having several sessions.  Sessions are 60 minutes.

To answer any question, email or call Anne at or call/text (262) 586-9779

"I had never experienced Reiki before but have always wanted to. I came into my session with Anne feeling incredibly heavy and drained to say the least. Anne made me feel comfortable and safe and it allowed me to feel very relaxed during our time together. I was amazed at what I experienced through the session and even more so after. Through just one hour I felt WAY lighter than I did coming into her space. I walked out ready to take on the rest of my week and truly felt a sense of renewal. Clearly I had some stagnant energy to move. I am so grateful for my session with Anne!"     - Haley T. 

The blend of reiki and counseling creates a powerful opportunity for healing! I greatly appreciated Anne's pointed questions and compassionate approach. I felt positive shifts even in the first session. - Barb H.

I recently had a Reiki session with Anne and it was a truly transformative experience. From the moment I walked into the studio, I felt a sense of calm and relaxation wash over me. Anne made me feel welcome and comfortable, and I knew I was in good hands.

During the session, Anne used gentle touch and intention to channel healing energy into my body. I found the experience to be deeply relaxing and meditative. It was as if all the tension and stress I had been carrying simply melted away.

One of the things I appreciated most about the Reiki session was how personalized it was. Anne took the time to listen to my concerns and goals for the session, and tailored the experience to meet my needs.

Overall, I highly recommend a Reiki session with Anne. It was a truly rejuvenating and healing experience that left me feeling refreshed and balanced. I am looking forward to scheduling my next session with Anne in order to continuing my healing journey towards greater physical, mental, and emotional well-being.  - Nora K.

"I have received two reiki sessions with Anne and really enjoyed my experience. I appreciated how Anne helped me to feel very comfortable with each session. 

Something I found very helpful was that at the start of our sessions, she would help guide me though gentle movements and a meditation to help me to feel more grounded and present. After each session, I was able to notice a significant change in how I felt and I would leave feeling much lighter and clearer. She shared different techniques that I could use to stay grounded as well as exercises to practice on setting boundaries and using my voice. I have already noticed a difference in how I interact with others and have felt a bit more comfortable in speaking my truths. 

 Thank you so much Anne for your amazing work!"      - Brianna R.

I visited Anne over the summer for a Reiki session. It was my first-time doing Reiki and I’ll admit, the reason it was my first time is because I was skeptical it would work. I’ve tried other methods for dealing with anxiety and stress with mixed results. As such, I felt I had nothing to lose by trying reiki and I’m glad I did. Anne was gentle, calm, and very soothing. I felt so at peace while laying on her table and for the remainder of the day, I felt physically and emotionally calm and simmering with a quiet energy. I highly recommend Anne and her practice.  - Jackie A.

Water's Edge offers counseling and Reiki sessions that resonated with me because of their skillsets in ecotherapy and mindfulness. - Ann B

The Reiki that Anne provides is very healing. She customized her session to meet me where I was emotionally and physically that day and I left feeling refreshed and invigorated!  - Kaitlin H.

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