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Helping Hands & Listening Ears

Welcome to Helping Hands and Listening Ears.  Life's transitions can be daunting, having experienced many for myself! Sometimes a person just needs a Helping Hand and Listening Ears as they manage a life transition. I offer private sessions, separate from individual counseling services, that are an adjunct to care other professionals are providing or can be a stand alone service.  The session is designed to your specific need, running from 2-4 hours long as many times as needed (one or more). The cost corresponds to the time and location.  


What does Helping Hands look like:


  • Wanting to cutback on meat and dairy?  Shifting to a wholefood plant based diet can be overwhelming.  Having someone there to give you tips on buying and preparing the meals and snack can create the new lifestyle you're desiring for yourself or your family.

  • Having someone there as you begin to establish new, healthier routines can make a big difference.  Anne offers assistance with integrating a variety of healthy habits into your life: walks, hiking, biking, meditation, yoga, or chakras.

  • ​Experiencing loss of a loved one, a dear pet, relationship or job can be a roller coaster of emotions.  Having a compassionate ear or someone to share a ritual with, lighting sage or planting a memory garden can be a step towards healing.  As well, Anne offers support with the more pragmatic aspects of sorting the beloveds belongings or coming back into the day to day tasks of life.


  • ​Are you feeling isolated or alone?  Having a more meaningful connection with nature is known to ease some of the pain.  Together we can can setup a birdbath and bird feeder or plant the garden you always wanted.  Or we can walk that trail you've been wanting to explore and experience a deeper sense of belonging.

  • Maybe you have existential questions...?  We can sit in nature or walk a quiet path and contemplate your journey.

  • Parenting and caring for children can be overwhelming in many ways!  Together we can explore ways of strengthening your parenting mindfulness skills, being more present as you meet the challenges and joys. of having children in your life.


Email or call/text Anne at or (262) 586-9779 to learn more about Helping Hands and Listening Ears.

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