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helping hands & listening ears*

*By invitation or referrals only

Client's Wellness in  mind

Sometimes a person just needs a helping hand and a listening ear.  Helping Hands is an adjunct to care other professionals are providing or can be a stand alone service. 


Transitions can be daunting.  Anne can help you when you are going through a life transition.​


What does Helping Hands look like:

  • Having someone there as you begin to establish new, healthier routines.  Someone to walk, hike, bike, kayak or go to that first yoga class with.  It may be just the push you need to get started. 


  • It can make all the difference, having someone to help you transition to that new diet the nutritionist and doctor wants you to follow.  We can grocery shop and prepare food together, breaking down the emotional or physical barriers that are in your way.

  • ​Experiencing loss of a loved one, a dear pet, relationship or job can be a roller coaster of emotions.  Having a compassionate ear or someone to share a ritual with, lighting sage or planting a memory garden can be a step towards healing.

  • Relocating to a new place can bring on depression,anxiety and identity crisis.  We can work together to settle in as you share the challenges and adventures of your new life.

  • Maybe that unfinished home project is weighing on your psyche.  We can work on it together.  Many hands make light work and we can talk as we do it.

  • Are you feeling isolated or alone?  Having a more meaningful connection with nature is known to ease some of the pain.  Together we can can setup a birdbath and bird feeder or plant the garden you always wanted.  Or we can walk that trail you've been wanting to explore and experience a deeper sense of belonging.

  • Maybe you have existential questions...?  We can sit in nature or walk a quiet path and contemplate your journey.

  • Parenting can be overwhelming in many ways!  Together we can explore ways of strengthening your parenting mindfulness skills, being more present as you meet the challenges and joys.


Through the use of nature and contemplative practices Anne guides a client to integrate skills and resources to use throughout their day.   Using mindfulness skills, the client learns for themselves how to calm their stressed body and mind or how to relax into a new life style, being more accepting to beneficial changes.

Individual therapy sessions and Nature Connection Workshops are available for you or your client to experience the additional support and resources one may need at this time. 


Please feel free to call to schedule a time to meet or discuss if you or your client would benefit from nature-based and contemplative practices.  

Initial Meeting cost of $150 includes  phone consultation and consulting your mental health or well-being professional to coordinate services that best benefit your specific goal, followed by 90 minute session on-site.  Following sessions vary in price and time depending on need.  Ex.  1 to 2 hours is $95, 3-4 hours is $175.

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