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Shared Experiences

"I had never experienced Reiki before but have always wanted to. I came into my session with Anne feeling incredibly heavy and drained to say the least. Anne made me feel comfortable and safe and it allowed me to feel very relaxed during our time together. I was amazed at what I experienced through the session and even more so after. Through just one hour I felt WAY lighter than I did coming into her space. I walked out ready to take on the rest of my week and truly felt a sense of renewal. Clearly I had some stagnant energy to move. I am so grateful for my session with Anne!"     -Haley T. (Reiki)

"Spending two hours with Mother Earth was a much-needed centering and calming experience. With everything going on right now, and being a busy high schooler, I’ve felt very disconnected, and being able to reconnect in such a deep and meaningful way, while sharing the experience with other nature-lovers, was magical. "​     - Lucy (Nature Connection Workshop) 

"I had never heard of eco-therapy prior to Anne. I already walk and hike plenty and wasn't sure how this would be different. But it was different and in a really great way. Anne taught me how to slow down, deeply observe, and feel connected with my environment. The entire experience was simultaneously invigorating and relaxing and conjured wonderful memories. The entire session made me really think about what kind of life I want to lead and make time for. I went on a hike today and made sure to put Anne's techniques to use!     - Jackie (Nature Connetion Workshop)

"I have received two reiki sessions with Anne and really enjoyed my experience. I appreciated how Anne helped me to feel very comfortable with each session. 

Something I found very helpful was that at the start of our sessions, she would help guide me though gentle movements and a meditation to help me to feel more grounded and present. After each session, I was able to notice a significant change in how I felt and I would leave feeling much lighter and clearer. She shared different techniques that I could use to stay grounded as well as exercises to practice on setting boundaries and using my voice. I have already noticed a difference in how I interact with others and have felt a bit more comfortable in speaking my truths. 

Anne also went above and beyond by providing me with a detailed recap of what we worked on that has been very helpful for me to revisit when I need to. Thank you so much Anne for your amazing work!"      - Brianna R. (Reiki)

"Anne's group nature meditation couldn't have come at a better time for me in my life (in the middle of a move). I needed to slow down and be curious, to actively see and observe both nature but also myself and to bring my inner being into alignment. At first I was a bit surprised it was in a busy park but have since thought how integral it is to be able to slow down in the green spaces in our neighborhoods/back yards and Anne taught me how to do that. I have continued to ruminate on my learnings with the group and would like to do another. Thanks Anne! "     - Lois (Nature Connection Workshop)

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