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Restorative Yoga  

Welcome to Restorative Yoga.  Restorative Yoga is for everyone!  Restorative Yoga is not your traditional yoga.  Poses are on the floor and you are supported by props, such as cushions and folded blankets.  The props are used to build the floor up to meet the body, "comfort is queen." Gentle music is played in the back ground.  Anne guides you into a contemplative meditation of self healing and  balancing of the body's main seven energy centers, the chakras.  


What is happening in Restorative Yoga?  Restorative Yoga reacquaints our anxious and fatigued bodies to what it is like when we give the body permission to relax.  All day our bodies are taking on daily stress and keeping us upright and moving.  Our bodies are "doing, doing and doing."  What is it like when our mind honors our body and allows the body to "just be."  Anne guides the client into a state of "being" where mind, body and spirit have the space to align and harmonize with each other.  In this safe space we can begin to rewire the body's response to daily and past traumas, hence, the restorative.

Anne is a certified yoga teacher (YTT-200) and certified in Trauma-informed Yoga and Restorative Yoga.




Restorative Yoga benefits include:

  • decrease in cortisol, the stress hormone

  • improves sleep, digestion and immunity

  • releases tension in joints and muscles

  • teaches conscious control of relaxation

  • increases concentration and improves focus

  • creates balance within nervous system

  • activates relaxation response

  • gateway to mindfulness

  • Sense of empowerment and self-agency of one's body

Restorative Yoga can be an entire sessions with individual instruction or integrated into an individual Counseling or Reiki session.

Individual session is $70 for 60-minutes and a group session for up to 4 is available at $120 for 60-minutes In home is offered for an additional fee.  Sliding scale is available. To see if WETS Restorative Yoga is a good fit for you, email or call Anne at or call/text (262) 586-9779

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