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Restorative Yoga  

Welcome to Restorative Yoga!  Restorative yoga is for everyone!  After many years of Bikram Hot Yoga and vinyasa flow I was introduced to restorative yoga.  I immediately experienced an emotional homecoming to the mind, body and spirit.  This led me to study restorative yoga, allowing me to share the benefits with clients and others.  In additions to being certified in restorative yoga, I also hold certifications in yoga teacher (YTT-200) and trauma-informed yoga.   Through practice I have found that the integration of the Chakra Energy System and Reiki Energy Practices with Restorative Yoga to be extremely beneficial to one's overall well being.  I'm excited to introduce you to the benefits as well!

What is Restorative Yoga: As restorative yoga book author, Julia A. Clarke, elegantly shares “Instead of moving through challenging standing poses, the therapeutic practice of restorative yoga uses supported positions to invoke deep relaxation to settle your mind and harmonize your physiology.”  I enjoy the additional benefits of gentle background music and at times will guide the practitioner in contemplative meditations and self-healing chakra meditations.

Why Do We Need Restorative Yoga: All day our mind and body navigate our chronic and daily stressors.  We find ourselves in a state of "doing, doing and doing,” trying to keep up!   This lifestyle results in tight muscles and shallow breath.  We’ve lost the art of relaxation, that felt experience of homecoming.  

How does Restorative Yoga Work: Restorative yoga works by rewiring our minds to allow our bodies to feel safe in the moment, to relax.  We intentionally give permission for the body to rest and be appreciated, creating a state of overall calmness. 

Benefits of Restorative Yoga: There are many benefits from reclaiming our innate knowledge of intentional relaxation. Over time, with restorative yoga practice, we may begin to experience a decrease in our cortisol stress hormone, our sleep and digestive challenges improve, we find we can focus and concentrate, and our nervous system comes into balance.  This self-care can be a gateway to mindfulness, aiding in our sense of empowerment and self-agency.

Restorative Yoga can be an entire session with individual instruction or integrated into an individual Counseling or Reiki session.  Private group sessions are welcomed.

​An individual session is $70 for 60-minutes and a group session for up to 4 is available at $120 for 60-minutes.  In home is offered for an additional fee.  Sliding scale is available. To see if WETS Restorative Yoga is a good fit for you, email or call Anne at or call/text (262) 586-9779

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