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Restorative Yoga 

trauma-conscious Yoga therapy 

Anne offers Restorative Yoga and Trauma Inform Yoga.


As research explains, we hold our trauma and experiences in our bodies. Trauma-conscious yoga offers an individual a safe space for somatic processing.  Trauma informed yoga is much more than holding a pose, we may learn a supportive mudra (hand gesture), a new pranayama (breath) or a calming chant or healing affirmation.  When poses are used, they are gentle and respectful.  Trauma-conscious yoga's focus is to restore one's sense of empowerment and self-agency.   All clients can benefit from yoga therapy.

Restorative Yoga benefits include:

o   decrease in cortisol, the stress hormone

o   improves sleep, digestion and immunity

o   releases tension in joints and muscles

o   teaches conscious control of relaxation

o   increases concentration and improves focus

o   creates balance within nervous system

o   activates relaxation response

o   gateway to mindfulness

Child's Pose
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