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Holding Space for Community and Nature

Sundays 10:00 to 11:30 am

Community Event at Estabrook Park

August 27 and September 3,10 and 17 

Series of (4) $120 

for sliding scale email Anne

Intention: This workshop is intended to create an on-going supportive community of people who wish to honor nature and one another as we face trying times.  Together we will deepen our connection with nature and one another.  Mother Earth, for thousands of years has been offering us Her resources to rejuvenate us.  Whether it's just everyday life, a pandemic or social unrest, we can join with Her and one another to find refuge.


What to Expect: A balance of guidance, reflection, quiet time and sharing as community as we experience the pace of nature and its energies.  This is intended to be done in a four-part series based on the work of Joanna Macy, eco-philosopher, activist and Buddhist practitioner.  Anticipate the support to be on-going, see below Going Forth as a Community.

The Four-part Series

Part 1:  Explore the interconnection of nature and self, finding reverence in the present moment and focusing on being grounded in gratitude. 

Part 2: Once we are grounded and feel supported, we can explore the pain of being disconnected from nature, ourselves and others.  This communal grief as a tool to grow individually and as a community.  

Part 3: Now on our path to understanding our interconnectedness to nature, we will have greater insight to all of life.  We will share our insights into the opportunities to grow, as individuals and as a community.

Part 4: Going forth as community, interconnected with nature and self, our strength has been discovered in this loyal union.  We will explore what it means to be aware and have veils lifted that separated us from nature and one another.

Going Forth as a Community

Going forth there will be offered monthly gatherings anticipated to be on the first Sunday of the month 4:00 to 5:30.  This is a free community event where we can gather again to share and support one another.  The celebration of the Solstices and Equinoxes offerings TBA.

"Spending two hours with Mother Earth was a much-needed centering and calming experience. With everything going on right now, and being a busy high schooler, I’ve felt very disconnected, and being able to reconnect in such a deep and meaningful way, while sharing the experience with other nature-lovers, was magical. "​     - Lucy (Nature Connection Workshop) 

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Smile found on neighborhood wal


"I had never heard of eco-therapy prior to Anne. I already walk and hike plenty and wasn't sure how this would be different. But it was different and in a really great way. Anne taught me how to slow down, deeply observe, and feel connected with my environment. The entire experience was simultaneously invigorating and relaxing and conjured wonderful memories. The entire session made me really think about what kind of life I want to lead and make time for. I went on a hike today and made sure to put Anne's techniques to use!     - Jackie (Nature Connetion Workshop)

Photo from walk in Kenosho Park 2020

"Anne's group nature meditation couldn't have come at a better time for me in my life (in the middle of a move). I needed to slow down and be curious, to actively see and observe both nature but also myself and to bring my inner being into alignment. At first I was a bit surprised it was in a busy park but have since thought how integral it is to be able to slow down in the green spaces in our neighborhoods/back yards and Anne taught me how to do that. I have continued to ruminate on my learnings with the group and would like to do another. Thanks Anne! "     - Lois (Nature Connection Workshop)

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Photo from walk at Atwater Beach 2021

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