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Nature Therapy

Nature-based therapy, is an optional offering to clients who wish to incorporate nature along with traditional talk therapy. 


Nature calms and rejuvenates an individual.  Exploring difficult subjects while connecting with nature can soothe the body and psyche, allowing the individual to comprehend a deeper sense of self.  Nature-based therapy sessions take advantages of the great parks the Milwaukee area offers.  Sessions are held by the lake, along a river or on a wooded path.

I think back to mother's wise words "go play outside, you'll feel better."  Modern science now understands and supports the intuitive wisdom and desire of people to be outside.   Evidence based benefits to time outdoors: reduces stress, improves mood, increases focus, accelerates recovery times, increases energy, improves sleep, boost immune system, lowers blood pressure (  Emotionally, mindful time spent with nature can foster a greater sense of connectivity with  our spiritual self and with the greater world, leaving us not feeling so alone.

Enjoying Nature
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