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Energy Therapy

Energy work, is an optional offering to clients who wish to incorporate energy work along with traditional talk therapy. 


We are physical, mental, emotional bodies as well as energetic bodies. Often when looking at mental health our energy system is overlooked.  As a psychotherapist, Anne offers clients the opportunity to explore the seven major energy centers, chakras.  Our chakras have developmental stages from birth to adulthood and offer a blueprint to healing.  Through understanding each developmental stage  and its impact on our lives we can begin to have clearer insight into our psyche, why we are the way we are.  The challenges we experience over our lifetime, from birth to adulthood can cause our major energy center to become out of balance. 

Along with exploring the developmental stages of the chakra systems we may learn to use chants along with supportive mudra (hand gesture), a new pranayama (breath practice) or a healing affirmation.

Anne offers Reiki to her therapy clients, see the Reiki tab for further information.  Reiki is a healing art that can aid in restoring the balance of our energetic body.

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